As the industry evolves, we too will evolve. We are consistently striving for improvement while continuing to provide cost effective solutions catered to the engine leasing, finance and trading sectors of the aviation industry.

When it comes to your engine assets, we aim to provide a one stop, trust worthy resource with more than 30+ years of commercial aviation experience.


Skywards provides a wide array of engine consulting services. Services include but not limited to:

  • Complete lease return support
  • Managed lease returns/inductions
  • Fleet management
  • Onsite representation/customer liaison
  • Engine inspections
  • Complete records reviews and records pack creation
  • Work scope creation and review
  • Engine shop visit management
  • Contract review
  • Part rectification, procurement, exchange and repair


Skywards offers turn-key records management and pre buy inspections. The quality and accuracy of records is among the most important aspect when dis-positioning engines and aircraft assets.

Skywards records acquisition and review processes undergo diligent review and quality control practices to ensure its right the first time. With these types of work scopes, Skywards consultants and Inspection personnel work in parallel to ensure an efficient quick turn of customers assets.

Skywards consultants will not only on site representatives but also collect records, review records and work to resolve any discrepancies.

While the Skywards consultants are working the records side, Skywards Surveyors manage the maintenance inspection portion including:

  • Pre-run inspections including BSI (Borescope Inspections)
  • Perform/witness MPA runs and other engine tests as required
  • Long term engine preservation
  • Post test BSI
  • Engine component removal as required including full QEC
  • Engine storage
  • Engine disassembly management
  • Asset re-marketing assistance/engine brokering.

Skywards engine lease return center compliments both the consulting and the repair station sides of Skywards Aviation, to bring a complete turn-key engine lease or ownership solution.