Pre-Purchase Inspection &
Tech Appraisal
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Fly safe, knowing your Engine has been inspected by a specialist

EASA Part 145 approved Borescope Inspections using the latest equipment with full measurement and video capabilities.

Inspections conducted by highly qualified inspectors providing 24 /7 emergency AOG service as well as planned inspections for Pre-Purchase, resale or routine inspections. Our capabilities list currently includes forty-six different Engine and APU types.

Our inspection services are provided worldwide, and we can respond at short notice.

Pre Purchase Inspection / Tech Appraisal

Enjoy being compliant with
all your documantation

Our skilled engineers will assist in the vital process of ensuring the suitability, safety, and commerciality of jet acquisition.

The damage, wear and tear and general maintenance of an aircraft are essential to understand when making such a valuable purchase.

Our experts will evaluate and inspect your proposed purchase to give you the reassurance you require.

In addition to the physical inspection, we will review the aircraft documentation to provide the fullest and comprehensive picture before making such investment.


Have the best Ground Crew by having them fully trained by us

1. Specialist Borescope Inspection –EASA Part 145 approved. Our accredited courses are designed both for Line and Hangar maintenance requirements. We currently train on forty-six different Engine and APU types. The courses are provided at your location from 1-8 persons.

2. Engine Ground Run (EGR) training on multiple aircraft types and utilising Full Flight Simulators around the World to provide Maintenance Engineers with realistic Engine Running exposure. Our EGR courses consist of both theoretical and practical phases and cover both initial and recurrent training requirements.


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