Sales and Acquisitions

As you seek to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft for either business or private use, choosing Skywards as your representative in the market guarantees an informed, decision. You will benefit from our experience in aircraft sourcing, evaluation, technical and engineering knowledge, negotiation and contract finalisation. We are able to assist large corporations, entrepreneurs, families and other VIPs to successfully purchase the perfect aircraft for their unique travel requirements. From the initial on-site valuation of the potential aircraft and its records, pre-purchase inspection and safe operational delivery to full legal representation, exporting and tax planning considerations, Skywards should be your obvious choice as we are different from most other acquisition companies, in that we have all the above specialist services within the same Company. If you’re selling an aircraft you already own, you want a broker who knows the world market for that aircraft and where to find the right buyer. At Skywards our team of specialists are a vital part of any aviation sale. We analyse and understand the market on a daily basis. We can advise how, when, where and at what price to sell. Plus we have experts on the various legal and financial implications of transferring ownership and registration. Our team also have access to a wide network of clients worldwide who may be waiting for specific aircraft to come on to the market. By instructing Skywards to sell your aircraft, you will be placing your valuable asset in the very best hands.

Case studies

Skywards managed to save...

We were contacted by the management team of an Internationally know entrepreneur and business owner. The management team had been given the brief by their employer to take a careful look at the operational costs of his Private Jet operation as it was his belief that he was paying too much in non flying hours costs. After several meetings it was decided that Skywards would carry out a cost saving audit on the full range of costs associated with the operation of a Private/ Business Jet.

We looked at the full range of costs including maintenance, crew costs, hangarage, parking, fuel uplift as well as outsourced operational management and even down to the small items such as catering and on-board water servicing.


..our client a total of 480k per year!

After an extensive five month project, Skywards had managed to establish that various cost savings were indeed possible. The owner was now in a position to decide, whether to continue with the Aircraft he had, or look for a newer more cost effective model.

All options were looked at with various aircraft being put forward. The owner in conclusion decided to stay with the model he had become used to and furthermore decided to implement most of the cost saving changes that were suggested by Skywards. By implementing the savings the annual saving to the owner would be £480,000.

In conclusion, the owner (our client) was happy with the savings highlighted to him, he implemented those which he thought were necessary and was happy with the service provided by Skywards.

What our clients say about us

We have used Skywards for borescope inspections extensively over the last few years. We are very much impressed with their responsiveness and ability to deliver the requested services, sometimes even at short notice. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob and his team for all the assistance over the years.

Prabhat Gummadi / Director Maintenance / Jet Aviation Dubai LLC

Virgin Atlantic have utilised the services of Skywards to provide Borescope training to our maintenance staff. Their professional conduct and expertise has always delivered exceptional high quality training and this is evident in the feedback we constantly receive from our students. I would highly recommend any potential customer looking for Borescope training to contact Skywards in the first instance.

Paul Swain / Senior Manager Training Ground / Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Rob and his team at Skywards Aviation were invaluable in identifying and suggesting significant operating cost savings. I would recommend Skywards 'cost saving audits' to any Jet owner.

Jim Rai / Group Legal Director / Cascade Global

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